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Change is Good

Have you ever woke up, and everything in front of you that resembles your life suddenly appears as a lightbulb turning on in your mind as just how much you’ve truly changed? I had that “WOW” moment today.

Today is my birthday. I’m 37 years old. Like I told my daddy, “I may be 37, but I feel better than I did at 27.” In the past, I would want to wake up to a serenade of Happy Birthday to You and spend the entire day celebrating ME. Well, today, I began my day by serving breakfast to the students at my children’s school at their weekly Kids 4 Christ meeting. Later in the day, I spent time praying over and delivering Christmas presents for children in our local foster care system.

I’m not saying these things to pat my own back. I’m telling you this to preface my epiphany this evening.

Also know that I was indeed celebrated today. My sweet sister called me first thing this morning, sang to me, and expressed how much she loves me. Her phone call was followed by a phone call from my precious brother, who also called to tell me how much I am loved. The phone calls from my family continued to pour in throughout the day, and my AMAZING mother took me out to lunch. Special friends wished me well and expressed their love through social media and text messages. All these acts of love and kindness would have been sufficient to fill my spirit, but there was more!There were gifts! On Thanksgiving, my in-laws gave me a headband that will keep my ears warm when I run in the winter. My parents gave me ALL the Lululemon! Pants, a bra (which is BEYOND), and a T-shirt from my local yoga studio, MH Yoga, because they are my Good Vibe Tribe.💕 My sister gave me a gift card to my happy place, Balance 30A. A dear friend gave me a bracelet with the word “FEARLESS” on it. You link your story to your bracelet via the company’s website, and when the Spirit leads, you pass your bracelet on to another fearless soul, and they follow suit. BEAUTIFUL!!! Banks stopped by a local spa and used his own money that he has worked hard for at his job, and he purchased my favorite bath salts. Weston told me, “Happy Birthday” multiple times throughout the day, and he also said, “Mom, since I don’t have a car to go get you a present, I will do the dishes tonight.” They aren’t in the dishwasher “the right way,” but he did the dishes, and he gave from his heart. So, they will stay the way they are as a reminder of the heartfelt gift. My husband worked until nearly 7pm, and as tired as he was, he still stopped by Publix and bought my favorite organic chocolate and a dozen of my favorite Publix roses. I LOVE fresh flowers in my home!!!! He also purchased diamond earrings from the BEST jeweler in our area and our family friends, Herring’s Jewelry, for me a couple of months ago when I had finally lost 100 pounds. So, I wasn’t expecting anything today. Needless to say, the LOVE was palpable.♥️

As I sat and contemplated the day, the gifts, the LOVE. I began playing connect the dots with the gifts, the givers, and how they reflected my life. They all represent where my life is at 37, where my mind, heart, and soul are. The answer….HEALTHY! Everything I received aided me in either physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health. As I type this, I am weeping tears of gratitude. Gratitude for the people in my life, my TRIBE. Gratitude for my manclan. I LOVE them with everything inside me, and I see that their willingness to give reflects the healthy state of their hearts as well. Gratitude for how much I’ve changed not only in the past year but also over the years. When you finally are rid of the “Me Monster” as they call it in Weston’s K5 class, you’ve grown. You’ve changed. I’ve changed. It wasn’t easy. I’m NOT EVEN CLOSE to perfect, but I’m healthy. I’m simply grateful for ALL the change, even the uncomfortable.

My prayer for the following year is that God uses me to influence change in others, radiate His love, and continue to be present. I desire more change in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. For the first time, maybe ever, I LOVE myself, and that makes me proud, because over the years, I’ve been quite unloveable.

So, to my readers, embrace change. Embrace growing pains. Trust that in the moments you feel so absolutely alone and friendless that God is preparing you for new friends and new friends for you. You’re not alone. You’re changing. You’re growing. Change is good, friends. Change is good!


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Grace, Not Perfection

Well, my favorite time of year is upon us! No one loves Christmas as much as I. The laughter, the joy, the carols and signing, the traditions, the gathering, and the love….it’s all so magical! While this season is joyous, it’s also extremely stressful and demanding. In my last blog, I mentioned my prescription for these two months was to rest and restore. Well, within the first five days of sticking to this plan, I dropped eight pounds. This was a HUGE success! Prior to embarking in rest and restoration, the scales had not moved in over 60 days! I was discouraged. I was losing hope. In order to implement my system, I made myself a reward chart. I wrote myself encouraging reminders and stuck them all over the house. Well, I was doing great, then Thanksgiving happened!

In an effort to aid in rest and restoration, I hosted my husband’s family rather than going out of town and dealing with poor rest in a hotel, travel, etc… I needed to be home. I was able to control the menu, which eliminated all temptation. My diet was perfect! Our menu was completely organic, gluten free, and delicious. Adam smoked a turkey, and it was the best turkey I’ve ever had! I prepared mashed cauliflower, green beans and toasted almonds, an arugula salad, sweet potato crunch, and whiskey cranberry sauce. The sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce were both made with stevia. I, personally, chose not to eat the sweet potatoes because of the carbs, but everything else was absolutely delicious. I didn’t go back for seconds. As a matter of a fact, I had enough at lunch that I didn’t eat until the following morning. Real food is far more filling than junk! I didn’t need a nap, nor did I feel exhausted and drained. It was great!

The day after thanksgiving is my day! I could care less about standing in line to shop. I just want to turn Christmas music on and transform my house into the North Pole. Adam had to work. So, once I finished a few chores around the house, I began decorating. I love it! It never gets old. It takes ALL DAY to accomplish, but that’s mainly because I’m extremely particular and feel the need to dust every little Santa, snowman, and snow globe. I also vacuum before and after I finish decorating. I know it’s neurotic, but it’s my thing. I like things clean!

Saturday morning rolled around, and I felt like I had hit a brick wall! My body was begging for rest, and when I weighed Saturday morning, I had gained 3 pounds! The first time in the last 16 months that I’ve gained an ounce. I cried, felt defeated, and wanted very badly to give up! I knew I had eaten perfectly. I had exercised everyday the week of thanksgiving, and I had not been sedentary. Why was this happening?

I said some very ugly things to myself. I made myself feel as small and little as possible. I even wrote in my journal, “maybe you’re just meant to be fat.” For that entire day, I believed it. I was crushed. I was exhausted, burnt out, and angry. I woke up Sunday morning still upset and still 3 pounds heavier. I didn’t want to go to church. I wanted to stay at home, wallow in my disgrace, and quit. I got up and got dressed for my children. I want them to walk with God all of their days, and they certainly won’t do that if their mom is sitting at home crying about 3 pounds. I spent some time praying and meditating before I left for church, and I read this,

“Grace is a love that has nothing to do with us but everything to do with the One whom it derived: God. It is a powerful, divine, and vital piece of our existence, and it is the only reason we are able to open our eyes each morning. God’s grace is more than a second chance; it’s a third, fourth, and fifth. It’s a love that keeps on giving despite our past.”

I couldn’t get this off my mind. During church, I was distracted. It was as if God had a different message for me, and instead of taking notes on what my pastor was saying, I began writing the words that were in my heart. Here is what I wrote:

“Rest= peace, quiet, calming of the mind, body, and spirit. We achieve this rest by relying on God and showing ourselves grace (love). He’s the same God that calmed the stormy seas in the Bible, sent me a husband and Banks a father, and He’s the same God that has helped me lose 109 pounds in the last 16 months. Why not trust Him now to quiet this storm in my life? Why not show myself some grace? He tells me to not let my heart be troubled. He says this because He already has it all worked out. If I believe in heaven and trust that He has heaven prepared for me and that heaven is my future, why can’t I rest and trust that He also has this life right now worked out for me? Why do I try SO HARD to make my own path and beat myself up when my way doesn’t work? He already has my path paved! When my heart isn’t troubled, I’m trusting. I’m showing grace. I’m RESTING!”

So, once we got home from church, and I fixed some lunch, I had a very stern talk with myself. I decided to show myself grace (love). I recollected over the previous 10 days and the BUSY and the DOING and the GOING…I knew I had tried to make my own path rather than walk the one paved for me. I knew I had diverted from rest and restoration, and for what? To get it all done? To hold myself to the standard of perfection rather than grace? I knew the following month could not continue like this. So, I made a u-turn, got on the path paved for me, and my first stop on that path was a 3 hour nap Sunday afternoon. You read that right! I slept for 3 solid hours on a Sunday afternoon. It felt amazing!

I know the month of December will present challenges, but I must remember to be gentle with myself. This week, I’ve exercised from home everyday. While I don’t burn as many calories doing this, I am on a budget, and finances doesn’t need to be added to the list of holiday stresses. I wish I was rich, but I’m not, and that’s just reality! So, Monday, I enjoyed a bike ride with Weston. Yesterday, I nearly froze in a morning run, and this morning, I did my own yoga flow to Christmas carols. I’ve enjoyed the solitude, but I miss my exercise friends. I’m trying to show myself grace and realize that the 300 calories burned in at-home yoga is sufficient for today and not beat myself up that my watch doesn’t say the usual 450-500 I burn at a yoga class. My standard is grace, not perfection.

If you’ve been hard on yourself recently, stop it! Don’t tell yourself lies about your worth and your future. Be kind, rest, restore, and show yourself grace. Your path is already paved….trust!💕

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Chosen, Loved, Adored

Adoption….it seems to be trending, and that’s AMAZING!!!! It’s a heart-wrenching process that brings up fear, worry, hurt, excitement, and anticipated joy, but when you take that first family photo, or you hug your child for the first time, it’s just LOVE.

November is National Adoption Month, HERE is the link to the proclamation written and declared by our President. It’s truly beautiful. He describes adoption as, “a blessing for all involved,” and “life-changing.” He’s right! It’s scary and beautiful, and most importantly, it’s what we, as Christians, are called to do in James 1:27. We are to care for the widows and the orphans. Since we are in National Adoption Month, I am going to share with you all my adoption story.

I was a twenty year old single mother of a beautiful baby boy. The biological father isn’t in the picture. It was just me and my Banks for 9 years. Times were tough. Being a single parent was a hard that no one understands unless you’ve lived it. No child support, no help, nothing. It’s not only hard but also a lonely that’s indescribable. When Banks was two, I heard David Jeremiah on the radio preach on Psalm 68:5, “God Fathers the fatherless.” He just kept repeating that and saying, “you’re not alone! You’re not alone!” I was folding laundry in my living room at Fieldcrest Apartments, and I fell on my knees and I prayed. I had been running from God for a looooong time, and I still had more running to do, but in that moment, I repented of my past, and I prayed that God would provide a father for Banks and a husband for me. Over the years, no matter how far I strayed, I prayed that same prayer.

He was faithful. He was preparing me and Banks for Adam and Adam for us. Banks was 9 when Adam and I got married, and without any sort of conversation, Banks started calling Adam “dad” the day we got home from our honeymoon. Adam always saw and treated Banks like his son. He wanted to adopt Banks, and Banks wanted desperately for his last name to be Nichols. He would sign his papers at school, “Banks Nichols” long before the adoption was final. He wanted to belong. He wanted to be someone’s son. He wanted a father!

As I’m sure you know, adoption is expensive!!!!! Adam wanted to adopt Banks as soon as we were married, but the reality was, we didn’t have the money. Even when you don’t cross the globe to get your child, it’s outrageously expensive. Banks lived in the same house as us, and his adoption was just over $3,000. We were blessed by Adam’s parents. They knew how much adopting Banks meant to both Adam and Banks, and they offered to pay for it. Banks was 11 years old when the adoption was finalized. May 19, 2014, a prayer was answered and a promise was fulfilled. My child had an earthly father…a really, really GREAT father! For that, I will be forever thankful.

Getting to that day and having faith that God would provide was exhausting. Adoption isn’t for the weak. Waiting isn’t for the weak, and being a single parent or birth mom certainly isn’t for the weak. If you’re a single mom like I was, it wasn’t hard in that I was waiting for paperwork to be cleared and funds to be raised to get my child. It was hard in that choices from my past were brought to light and old wounds ripped open for all to see and not so fond memories of hurt you caused and choices you made are there on the table in order for the attorney to do his job. It’s hard for your child to see you in that light. It’s hard for them to hear their biological father is in prison, BUT God….He’s so faithful!!!! He covers all of that. He forgives, restores, and blesses.

So, maybe your heart is being led to adopt. I can help you get in contact with some incredible resources. Maybe you’re not there yet, but you want to do your part and help the orphans or children in foster care. I have local resources for that as well. Maybe you’re that single mom that is feeling tired, broken down, and forgotten. Hold your head up, Mama! You are strong! You are doing something not everyone is capable of doing. God sees you struggling. He sees you going without so your kids have what they need. He has a plan. Trust in Him. Have faith. You are LOVED!❤️


Holiday Battle Plan

This time last year, I was only about 60 days into True Cellular Detox, and I was in warrior mode. I had blinders on. Faltering wasn’t an option. Well, I’m now 15 months in, and I’m tired. I’m at a plateau. I’ve been run ragged over the last 6 weeks between traveling, company, football every Friday night, Hurricane Michael, and just life.

My Tuesday was spent traveling to Balance 30a for my checkup with Dr. Bart Precourt. I left in time to attend his wife’s, Kelli, yoga class. If you are ever down that way, attend a class, any class. Class was refreshing, challenging, and cleansing. Balance is a place of healing, and a visit always refreshes my soul.

As usual, when I arrived, I stepped on the InBody machine, and while I knew my weight had not changed, I was truly hoping for gains in muscle and loss in body fat percentage. After the analysis, the results were minimal. I had gained just over 1 pound of muscle and lost just over 1% body fat. My inflammatory markers were up, and as I already knew, weight stayed the same. I was discouraged. I am discouraged. Losing this much weight is HARD WORK! I feel like there should definitely be more results for all the work I’m putting in.

Inflammation was up because my body is pumping out Cortisol for energy, because my body is in such a state of being TIRED from all the elements I listed previously. My prescription for the next 60 days is to restore and rest. While that may sound ideal, it will be a definite challenge. The next 60 days are my favorite time of year! I love, love, love November and December. It’s not just Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s also my sister’s birthday, my birthday, and my mom’s birthday. It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year!

Over the next 60 days, I’m determined to get back into that warrior mode I lived in last year. I want results! I need progress! I also am honest enough with myself to know that I’m going to need all the encouragement I can get and some incentives. I have post-it’s everywhere!!! They are on my kitchen cabinets, my refrigerator, my bathroom mirror, etc… Just little reminders to keep trudging on the right path.I also made myself a reward chart full of incentives to keep me focused. I do not get much time for myself, and I adore any time I get to spend at my favorite nail salon. I also could definitely use some new clothes. I have about 6 outfits that actually fit, which is a good thing. So, each glance at my chart will definitely give me the oomph I need to keep going. Sugar is my enemy. I could careless about chips, breads, crackers, or things like that. It’s the cakes, candies, and treats that are my weakness. So, this is my battle plan.

A third element of my battle plan is to honestly journal everyday exactly how I’m feeling, areas I feel weak, and areas I’ve succeeded. This will allow me the outlet to let it all go. Writing has always been an outlet for me, and I look forward to seeing how the journaling helps me release the negative and embrace the positive.

Maybe you also need a battle plan for the next 60 days. My thoughts are this…in order to completely be present with my family this holiday season, I need to be my best version of myself. Being run ragged, exhausted, tired, allowing sugar to down-regulate my immune system and spiral me into more exhaustion and sickness will, in no way, shape, or form, allow me to be the best version of myself. I won’t enjoy my family, and my family won’t enjoy me. So, I’m choosing to raise the bar this year and be present as my best self, and for me, that requires some tough love, self-discipline, and endurance. It’s not taking all the good things out of the holidays. It’s just a change in perspective.

I hope this encourages someone else that’s feeling run down to rest and restore and be present. It’s ok to say, “Not this year” to a family or friend gathering. It’s ok to take your water bottle with you to a party and pass on the hot cocoa or cocktail. It’s ok to have no desserts on the menu at Thanksgiving. Our health is invaluable, and we are worth it!


You Have Been Made Ready

One thing I’ve come to realize about myself is that I tend to overextend myself. (I can audibly hear the “DUHsss” from those that have known me for years🤣🤣). As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a perfectionist, and I am terrified to let people down. October has been hard. It’s been physically demanding, emotionally draining, and a spiritual desert.The first week of October was spent getting my manclan and all our laundry, luggage, etc…ready to go to Chattanooga, TN. My baby brother got married!!!! We were gone for four days came home ready for a fun-filled Homecoming week at the boys’ school. Much to our surprise, there was a hurricane brewing in the Gulf of Mexico.Dothan, where I live, is located in the most southeast corner of Alabama. Monday was fall break for my kids, and on Tuesday, they went to school. Wednesday was spent intently watching Hurricane Michael, as he was headed straight for us. Our hearts were anxious and heavy for friends on the coast in Florida. We stood at the window as the shutters blew off the house and were crushed into multiple pieces as they hit the ground. We watched our fence fall to the ground, and when a tree fell on our neighbor’s house (3 houses down), it sounded like a bomb going off. We lost power for about 24 hours. We were so blessed. There were thousands in our town that didn’t have their power restored until yesterday, and there are hundreds of thousands in our neighboring states of Florida and Georgia that are left without anything.

Following a natural disaster of any kind comes the cleanup. I am a person that absolutely loves yard work. It’s therapeutic for me. We live on a street with A LOT of senior citizens. I saw a need and was in “go-mode”. I spent seven hours on Thursday cleaning my yard and helping my elderly neighbors clean theirs as well. My body ached, and my hands were covered in blisters. Friday was spent cleaning up inside after all the in and out of Thursday, and I was preparing Adam, Weston, and myself to go out of town again for our niece’s baby dedication. Banks had his school’s homecoming dance. So, I also had to make sure all his clothes were ironed, the corsage was picked up, and he had all the instructions he needed to stay home alone for the first time.🤪This week was Weston’s 6th birthday, and I hosted a birthday party/dinner for my family last night. We celebrated with Adam’s family over the weekend in Birmingham. This is the first year I haven’t had him a proper birthday party, but with all the traveling, football games every Friday night, and the surprise hurricane, I just couldn’t do it this year. 😭

The physical exhaustion is from not consecutively sleeping in my own bed, the toll traveling takes on your body, the manual labor required during hurricane cleanup, and I’ve really tried pushing my exercise to get the numbers on the scale to move. They haven’t budged in a month!!!!😡

The emotional exhaustion comes from the sentimentality involved in the marriage of a sibling, a child turning another year older, the realization that you can trust your oldest child to do what’s right and stay home alone for 24 hours and that in a year and a half, he will be on his own at college😬. The devastation of Hurricane Michael has been especially emotional. So many have nothing. Just today, I saw a teenager crying in Publix, I stopped to ask her if she was ok, and she and her mom proceeded to tell me they were from Florida, lived in a mobile home, and had lost everything they owned. They were staying in Dothan. All I could do in that moment was buy them whatever they needed. I wish I had room in my own home for them to stay. I pray that the listening ear and groceries were a blessing and a light in their current darkness. Adam is in the hotel business, and between his two hotels, they are slam full with evacuees and workers, and his phone has rang non-stop from people wanting to know if he has any vacancies. It’s just heartbreaking!

The week before the wedding, Weston had a cold, so we missed church. Then we missed church the following two weeks due to being out of town. So, the spiritual exhaustion is REAL! I’ve spent time daily with the Lord, but it’s honestly been a lot of crying for the strength to keep going, to have an attitude of praise, and genuine waling for those effected by the hurricane. I need to be at MY church, in MY Sunday school class, listening to MY preacher, worshipping with MY church family. Needless to say, I CANNOT wait to spend this Sunday at Bethel Baptist Church.❤️

Amongst all the HARD, there has been glimmers of GREATNESS! I got to spend four days celebrating my only brother and his wife. I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!! They are everything to me. Heck, my siblings are my best friends. The time with them this month meant more to me than I can express. The scales might not be moving, but I can SEE a difference. To the wedding, I wore a size 12 dress, and last weekend, I wore a size Medium sweater and size 12 skirt from J Crew. A year ago, I couldn’t even shop at J Crew! I completed my first Level II yoga class this month, and I went rock climbing! Last year, we spent Thanksgiving in Chattanooga. I watched Banks effortlessly rock climb at High Point Climbing and Fitness. I promised myself that the next time I was there, I would do it. So, I tried it, and I DID IT! It ain’t easy!!!! You can watch me in the video above. I was SO proud of myself. The revelation of my increased strength and stamina are very bright spots within the hard. Then today, my friend Joanna Gaines (yes, we are friends and no she doesn’t know it yet🤣🤣🤣) posted exactly what I needed to read…I WAS MADE READY!!!!!! Yes, I was! My Creator made me ready for all October 2018 was going to throw at me, and He’s made you ready too. So, if you too are enduring the HARD right now, rest in knowing you were made ready for this season of life. Try and find the bright in the darkness. Give yourself a break and be kind to yourself. That’s my plan for the remainder of the month. Thank you for reading and please pray for my neighbors in Florida and Georgia. The devastation is inexplicable.💕

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Eight weeks of complete bed rest, six of those weeks spent in the hospital, induced labor, 30 hours of labor, and finally at 12:18am on October 16, 2012, I gave birth to a 7 lb. 4oz. little boy. We named him Travis Weston Nichols. Tomorrow we will celebrate his SIXTH birthday!!! I cannot believe he is that old. Time has surely flown.Weston is a lover. If he sees you and likes you, he’s going to give you a hug. He gives great hugs. His main love languages are physical touch and quality time. He’s an eager learner and extremely smart. He LOVES school, reading, fixing things, and counting. He counts EVERYTHING! Weston constantly amazes us with his ingenuity. He creates amazing structures out of Legos and MagnaTiles. It’s truly fascinating! Weston always goes out of his way to make someone new or shy feel included. He’s tender-hearted, and he takes the burdens of others upon himself. He prays every night for his family and friends. Weston likes order and a schedule. He is completely thrown off by any disruption to his routine. He’s an excellent helper, always ready to pitch in. He thinks his big brother hung the moon and idolizes Banks in every way. ❤️

Words can never express how thankful I am for this little guy. Being his mom is a gift and privilege. It’s certainly a full-time job and has its challenges, but I know God has AMAZING plans for Weston, and I will always be ready and willing to support him and cheer him on anytime he needs me. Weston, you are loved, adored, and created for greatness. You bring our family so much joy and laughter. Happy 6th Birthday, Travis Weston Nichols.🎉🎂💙

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A Week in the Life of Me

After receiving multiple emails from readers asking what exactly my week looks like (diet, exercise, fasting), I’ve decided to dedicate an entire post to a week in the life of me.

Keto and dieting in general can be extremely overwhelming and misleading. If you search Keto recipes on Pinterest, you’re going to be bombarded with a lot of recipes that are the complete opposite of what healthy Keto actually is. Eating cream cheese fat bombs and Keto fried chicken will NOT make you healthy. If healthy is your goal, you MUST avoid the middle aisles at the grocery store and start hanging out in produce section. God created our bodies to be healthy, and He also created everything we need to fuel our bodies. If it grows from a root, plant, or tree, walks on the ground, or swims in the sea….EAT IT!!!! If you stick to that, you WILL lose weight. Here’s a little chart of what my week of food looks like.

  • BREAKFAST (11a.m.)
    • Sunday-Friday Protein Shake
  • Recipe: 8oz. Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • 1 scoop SP Complete Vanilla
  • 1/2 of an organic avocado
  • 1 large handful organic spinach
  • 1/4 cup organic berries (fresh or
  • frozen)
  • Blend all ingredients in a blender
  • and enjoy!
    • Saturday Family Breakfast
  • Saturdays are for family time! I
  • make a huge family breakfast every
  • Saturday. It’s either nitrate-free
  • bacon, organic eggs, with spinach
  • and 1/2 of an organic avocado, or I
  • make veggie omelets.
  • Lunch (One of the following at 1:30-2pm)
    • Handful of almonds and a string cheese
      1/2 cup Unsweetened grass fed yogurt with pecans and a few berries
      Spoonful of nut butter if I’m not very hungry
      2 boiled eggs & 1/2 of an avocado if I’m really hungry
  • Supper (5pm)
    • Create your own chef salad (kids love to pick their own toppings and dressing)
      Grilled salmon (wild caught only) with mashed cauliflower and roasted cabbage
      Zucchini spaghetti (use grass fed beef)
      Breakfast for supper
      Taco salad bowls
  • *To keep away from the temptation of concession stand food, I fast on Friday nights in the Fall for football and on baseball game nights in the Spring*
  • Why do I wait so late to eat in the morning? I exercise in the morning, and if you exercise on an empty stomach, you’re burning fat rather than simply burning off the food you just ate. Intermittent fasting (going from 5:30pm the night before until 11am in the morning- 17.5-18 hrs/day) is an essential tool for not only ridding your body of toxins but also to make you a fat burning machine! You WILL NOT starve. You DO NOT need 3 large plates of food everyday.
  • Eating well is excellent for your body, but if HEALTH is what you are aiming for, exercise is essential. Our bodies were created to move! Here is a breakdown of what my weekly exercise schedule looks like.
  • Monday
    • Spin Class (8:15-9am)
      Yoga (9:30-10:45am)
  • *If you’re local, I take both classes at MH Yoga*
  • Tuesday
    • Run in 1 minute intervals for 30 minutes
      Yoga at home for 45 minutes
  • Wednesday
    • Yoga at the studio (9:30-10:45)
      Evening walk with my husband
  • Thursday
    • Yoga at home (45 minutes)
      Evening walk with my husband
  • Friday
    • Yoga at the studio (9:30-10:45)
  • Saturday
    • Either yoga at the studio or at home
  • Sunday
    • REST
  • By exercise alone, I typically burn anywhere from 400-800 calories/day. Exercise not only helps your physical health. I have learned that it is essential for mental health. I want to be an able-bodied elderly woman. I don’t want to become sedentary. I want to LIVE! You can’t thrive if you don’t do what you were created to do, and we were created to move.
  • As far as beverages, I drink one glass of hot organic green tea in the morning and water the rest of the day. Lots and lots of water! Anywhere from 140-200 oz/day. A good rule of thumb is whatever you weigh in pounds, drink AT LEAST half of your body weight in ounces of water per day. For example, if you weigh 200 lbs, drink at least 100 oz of water per day. I drink much more than half my body weight, but once you cut out carbs, you will see that you are THIRSTY! I’ve never been a big alcohol drinker. I only drank socially before. So, giving that up was easy. I do enjoy a can of lime Bubly water once every 3 days or so. The bubbles are GOOD! Tastes like a Sprite to me.
  • Keto done right will NOT include a lot of dairy. Dairy is inflammatory. If you do eat dairy, stick to organic, grass-fed dairy. Locals, we have a WONDERFUL dairy in Wicksburg…Working Cows Dairy. They have organic grass-fed cheese, meat, eggs, yogurt, etc… Keto done right is lots of veggies (that’s your fiber). Make it Keto by cooking with organic olive oil or a little grass fed butter. Allow your food to fuel your body!
  • I hope this post helps those who have inquired about my weekly routine. I, in no way, claim to have all the answers, and my way may not work for everyone, but if you will stick with eating from God’s garden and moving your body, you will see results. One key thing I’ve had to remind myself of has been, “Don’t expect results overnight. You’re trying to fix and repair ______ years of poor choices. You didn’t end up where you are overnight. So, don’t expect to be healthy overnight. It’s a process. Trust the process.” I’m always happy to answer any questions you may have, and you CAN do this! Just get in soldier mode and DO IT! Do it for yourself, your spouse, your kids, whomever. You WILL NOT regret it!