Dugouts and Diapers

Jessica Starr Nichols

It’s Finally Summertime!

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Well, I’m about a week late in posting this, but baseball is finally over, and our summer vacation finally begins! Banks’ all-star team did ok, but the level of baseball they were up against was a total shock! They played 3 games at the sub-state tournament. It was hotter than 42 hells on Friday at a ballpark with 6,000,000 acres of concrete and very little shade! Hahaha. The baby was in the process of cutting 4 top teeth at the same time, while sleeping in his pack-n-play rather than his crib, but he was pretty tolerable considering the circumstances.
I have fallen more in love with 4 things on this trip….1. My family, 2. EarthFare grocery store, 3. Zoe’s Kitchen, and 4. Honda Odyssey minivan!!! I absolutely LOVE my family!!! My amazingly calm, understanding, and inspiring husband was named husband and father of the year on this trip! He was so encouraging and inspiring to Banks and myself when Banks was tired and upset, and I was ready to punch a baseball coach in the face!!! Adam has been the best thing that ever happened to Banks and me! I will get back to the subject of Banks momentarily, but for now, EarthFare is the most amazing grocery store ever! Row after row of completely all-natural, organic goods!!! Yes, it was expensive, but completely worth it! Not only was EarthFare amazing, but the fresh, beautiful produce served at Zoe’s Kitchen was out of this world!!! I NEED this restaurant to come to Dothan! We NEVER eat out, and by never, I mean twice in the last 3 months! I cook all the time, and I love cooking, but we would definitely put a monthly trip to Zoe’s in our budget if there was one here in town! Lastly, we borrowed my grandmother’s Honda Odyssey minivan for the trip because my car is just too small to carry our family and our loot of supplies needed for an extended period of time. I never pictured myself as a minivan mom, but this van was legit! The DVD player in the back made for a completely silent 10 year old, and all the glorious room inside the van was amazing! I adore everything about this van and fully intend on purchasing one for myself whenever I get the money to pay for one!
Now it’s time to praise my oldest child for having an amazingly impressive attitude when an injustice was done to him! This child was on time for every single practice, canceled appointments so he didn’t miss any practices or games, and wrote letters to family and friends asking for support to go to this tournament since I have lost my job, and our budget didn’t allow for $500 in travel expenses. He raised every penny it took to go on this trip and only got to play 5 innings the entire tournament. I have no problem with my child sitting on the bench, but when he is a better player than some of the kids that got to play the entire time, every single game, it infuriates me as a parent and former coach. I don’t care how much money a child’s parents have or what their status is in the community or where they send their children to school, if they’re not as talented, they’re going to take their turn on the bench too! Anyhow, Banks showed exemplary sportsmanship and never complained, and when he wasn’t playing, he was always hustling out of the dugout to help his teammates, that were playing, warmup! Adam told him, after their second game, that he’s never been so proud of a child in his life, and we were both crying and told Banks that when I get a job, and we get some extra money, we are going to do something very special for him! This kid deserves nothing but the best in life, and although the all-star season wasn’t all that we had hoped it would be, the life lessons and character that was built was worth the entire experience! I have no doubt that with my child’s character and poise that he has possessed this summer during this completely humbling experience, he can and will be anything he wants in life, and he won’t achieve it because of his parents’ status or his last name, and for that, I’m thankful!
Now that baseball is over, it’s time to gear up for Banks’ birthday bash this weekend!!! I will have plenty of pictures and blog-tastic things to post following the party!!!
To all my readers, always hold your head high, give 100%, and let your character inspire others, because although the people in charge (coaches, teachers, administration, etc…) may not notice, God does, and that’s what is important!


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I'm a wife, mother, daughter, and friend. I love Jesus, my family, my friends, and my life. I enjoy writing, yoga, laughing, and spending time with my manclan. I’m merely striving to be the best version of myself.

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