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Jessica Starr Nichols

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Thankful Turkeys

What better time to let your loved ones or friends know that you are thankful for them than during November??? Due to distance, time, work, etc, we don’t always get to spend time with those we love at Thanksgiving. Even though we might not get to spend time together, I still want them to know how much we love and miss them. Due to my husband’s new job and lack of vacation time at the moment, I decided to make cards to send those that we love but won’t have the privilege of spending time with this Thanksgiving. I began by taking nice quality card-stock and tracing my son’s hand with a pencil. I then used different color stamp pads and stamped his fingerprints to make the feathers and the turkey’s gobbler. I used pine tree bark to color the body of the turkey because I didn’t have 1 brown crayon or colored pencil in this house! Can you believe that? Two children and not one brown crayon!!!!! Anyhow, the tree bark worked great because it wasn’t too dark to take away from the feathers. I used a sharpie for the eyes and clipped a small triangle from yellow paper for the beak and glued it on.


Now you can write the words of your choice to those that are precious to you on the inside of the card. These cards could also be used as place settings at the table for your Thanksgiving meal with each person’s name written on the body of the turkey. Keep in mind if you mail these cards, postage will be a bit more due to it being square rather than rectangular. This project is super easy and absolutely adorable! Happy crafting and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!