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Jessica Starr Nichols

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Snowed In?

Well, things in southeast Alabama certainly were different this week! We had two days in which schools, businesses, and basically the entire city shut down due to the weather. Banks loved it, and he sat in his coat, hat, and gloves anticipating the arrival of the snow Tuesday evening. The snow didn’t arrive until he was fast asleep early Wednesday morning, but we all woke up to the most beautiful sight of trees laden with ice and the grass blanketed in a very thin sheet of snow. It was breathtaking!



The boys quickly bundled up and attempted to play in the beautiful powder, but much to their dismay, it was mostly ice. There were still a few snowballs thrown, snow eaten by Weston, and a backyard filled with joy and laughter.




As I was washing the dishes from breakfast, I looked out my kitchen window at my boys playing in the snow, and I had to look through a piece of stained glass I have hanging in the window that says, “FAITH”.


I pondered this for the next two days. I thought to myself, “Is this what life is like without faith?” “Do people just feel snowed in?” It made me sad to think of all those lost souls that may feel snowed in by the stress of life, an addiction, a “hidden” sin, finances, depression, body issues, health problems, etc…. The list could go on and on. My heart began to ache for these people. I was once one of them that thought I was so far gone that there was no way to remove this avalanche from my back, but thankfully, just like that piece of glass hanging over my kitchen window, I could see through my faith that the snow and ice would lift, and just like my children were doing in the backyard, I would be able to find joy and laughter amidst the weight of the snow and ice. Thank you, Jesus, for such a beautiful picture!

Just as Banks sat clothed in his jacket, hat, and gloves awaiting the arrival of the snow, so must we be clothed in Faith and Trust awaiting the impact of whatever it may be that has us “snowed in”. If you’re clothed properly in faith and trust, you can overcome anything! It’s not because you’re strong enough, but because He is strong enough. So whatever has you “snowed in,” pray about it and ask for faith and simply trust Him to lift the snow and ice, and begin to feel His warmth encompassing you. Don’t worry about what other people will think, but simply know through faith that it’s by his warmth that the snow and ice are beginning to melt away.