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Jessica Starr Nichols

6 Months of Time Out


Wow, it has seriously been six months since I last blogged! I have missed it terribly! Life happens, and it gets very busy from time to time, and I have decided that I work harder as a stay at home mom than I ever did when I actually went to a place of employment everyday. Those that think stay at home moms just sit around and watch soap operas in their pj’s all day are completely wrong! Let me catch you up on what has been going on with my starting line up…..


I will start with our team captain, my wonderful husband, Adam. Adam works, a lot, for which I am extremely thankful. He received a promotion after only working for his company only four months. He is now the Director of Production and Catering for a very large company based here in Dothan that serves the entire tri-state area. He absolutely loves his job, and I am so happy for him and proud of him. The Lord has completely blessed not only Adam but also our family and his company through Adam’s obedience to God, determination, and passion to do what is right. Adam has also lost weight and helped encourage me in our determination to have a healthy home. He has lost approximately 60 pounds since January of this year. Here is a before and after of my Smokin Hot Hubby!!!


As far as an update on me in the last six months, I have been BUSY! Since Adam keeps such long hours, I am responsible for everything at the house, both of the children, and in order to feel like some sort of productive member of society, I iron clothes for friends and family on a weekly basis, and I still LOVE working in my yard and tending to my flowers, herbs, and veggies. I, like Adam, have kept up my determination to live a healthy lifestyle. Although I have not lost 60 pounds like my husband, I have lost 41 pounds, 4 dress sizes, and I feel and sleep better, and my energy level is through the roof! It hasn’t been easy, and I dislike going a day without exercising. The greatest thing about losing weight, besides cuter clothes at a size 14 than a 22, is how close I’ve grown to God. I absolutely cannot do it without Him! I would still like to lose at least 60 more pounds, and the great thing is….I know I can do it. Here is my before picture side by side with my current picture.


Banks has, without a doubt, had the busiest, most eventful last six months. He finished the school year with all A’s, and he had the best year of school thus far. He learned so much not only scholastically but also about life and making wise decisions concerning his schedule, sports, humility, and school work. I know changing schools can be a lot on a child, but this was one of the best decisions we ever made as a family. Just in time for sixth grade graduation, Banks’ adoption was official. He is now officially Mathis Banks Nichols! He had asked his teacher to put “Mathis Banks Nichols” on his certificates at the end of the year, and merely two days before awards, the adoption was official! God’s timing is perfect, and I never could have dreamed that what we see as merely a last name change could mean so much to an twelve year old boy! It is so much more than that to him. In the same way The Lord adopts us into the family of God to give us a sense of purpose and belonging as His child, this adoption gave Banks the final feeling of belonging to Adam as his son. We have all been so extremely blessed by the entire adoption journey. Here is a picture of the three of us at the adoption ceremony.


Banks also made the JV football team at his school, so he spent his summer conditioning and working out every morning along with his teammates. He loves football and clings tight to the dream of playing for the Crimson Tide someday! He has been blessed with an awesome gift of athletics and a vast mission field with the potential to reach so many people not only now as a twelve year old but also in his future. I pray everyday that he will never lose sight of who equipped him with this gift of athleticism, and he will always give Him the glory in all of his accomplishments. Here is a picture of Banks and Weston that I took yesterday on the morning of Banks’ first JV football home game, which ended in a tie with a team that has beaten his school the last three years in a row. So, GO RAIDERS!


Sweet Weston is now almost two. That in itself should explain this smiling, thumb-sucking ball of energy. Weston is a good boy, just like his big brother, and he thinks he is also twelve years old and can do anything his bubba can do. He absolutely loves Thomas the Train and like his bubba, loves any sport with a ball. Our church is close to the ballpark where Banks played baseball this spring, and every time we head to church, we hear a little voice from the backseat saying, “ballpark, ballpark, ballpark.” He loves it, and I’m thankful for it! He loves to swim and play in the water. He voluntarily jumps in and blows bubbles. I have no doubt that next summer we will ditch the swimmies all together! Weston is also going to Parent’s Day Out at a local church two mornings every week, which gives me a bit of sanity and alone time. He absolutely loves playing with other children, singing, reading books, and playing outside. Here is a picture of Weston on his first day of Parent’s Day Out.


All in all, we are extremely blessed, busy, and loving this beautiful life that we have been given. Although times get tough, friends come and go, pre-teen hormones are nearly impossible to deal with at times, and two year old tantrums are exhausting, we have the gift of each other, and through it all, our love for one another and our Lord grows stronger everyday.


Now that you are all caught up on what’s been going on in our lives, I cannot wait to give you guys some great recipes, gardening tips, and crafty treasures! Check back in on Monday or subscribe to my blog to stay connected with all the greatness to come!!


Author: jstarrnichols

I'm a wife, mother, daughter, and friend. I love Jesus, my family, my friends, and my life. I enjoy writing, yoga, laughing, and spending time with my manclan. I’m merely striving to be the best version of myself.

2 thoughts on “6 Months of Time Out

  1. Jessica, What a beautiful read. There were parts that brought tears to my eyes. You all are a beautiful blessed family inside and out. I am so glad I have a little extra time this year to be able to take some time and read special blogs.


    • Thank you so much. You were a large part of Banks’ success last year. We firmly believe that it was totally a “God thing” that Banks had both you and Mrs. Gilmore last year. I’m thankful you have time to read as well.


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