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Awards, Promotions, Hospitals, and a Parade

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WOW!!!! What a week! Last week was so extremely busy, which is why I’m just now finding the time to sit and write. Although I wasn’t sure whether I was coming or going last week due to number of commitments we had, it was a week full of blessings!!!!

Banks had his Junior Varsity Football Banquet, which was catered by our friends at Full Moon Barbecue. The food was delicious, and the decorations were perfect. The company of our HA Raiders family was lovely, but my favorite part was hearing Banks’ coach give the play-by-play from each game of the season and hearing him mention my baby’s open field tackle in the game against Houston County as well as his 35 yard reception to convert to a first down in the final game of the season against Cottonwood. Adam and I are so extremely proud of Banks for maintaining the self-discipline of keeping his grades up, attending practice until 7pm, and attending practice every morning throughout the summer. God’s given him some awesome abilities, and we will always be his number one fans!

Weston got his first trip to the emergency room last week. Tuesday morning before 6:30 am, he decided to try and climb our extension ladder. Adam was already at work, Banks was in the shower, and I was using the restroom. I heard him scream, so I ran to see what was the matter, and I found him underneath our 100 lb extension ladder. At first I was in mommy mode (crying, frantic), but quickly told myself to snap out of it and enter nurse mode. I made sure he was aware and alert. There was clearly no head or neck injury, and he was moving his hands and feet, so I concluded that he wasn’t paralyzed. After holding him for a few minutes, I knew I needed him to stand up/walk. After multiple attempts, it was clear that he could not do either. I quickly threw on some clothes, told Banks to get it into high gear, packed him a lunch really quickly, and sped to the hospital after dropping Banks off at school. After multiple x-rays of his spine, pelvis, chest, abdomen, and femur, we were extremely grateful to hear the news of no internal injuries or broken bones! Weston lied on the couch for three solid days, which is not the normal behavior of a three year old. At the end of the first day, he finally walked a few steps. I got him up every hour for the following two days to ensure that he didn’t get stiff as well as to help fight through the soreness. By Saturday, he was running and playing like his old self. Bless his little heart!

We cooked hotdogs over the firepit to celebrate my fabulous husband and the promotion he received at work. He is now the Assistant General Manager at the Courtyard by Marriott. He has been their Food and Beverage Manager for the last ten months. He’s amazing, brilliant, and we are continually so amazed at how God continues to bless us for doing what is right and trusting Him. Personally, there is nothing sexier than a man that loves God and his family and is willing to work hard to provide for them. Work ethic is part of a person’s character, and I’m so thankful that Adam’s bosses see and believe in his character, potential, and ability to make their company great! Have I mentioned that he’s amazing????

We ended the week by attending the 75th annual National Peanut Festival Parade in beautiful downtown Dothan. Our church youth group sold 200+ chairs at the parade, and I had to have Banks there to help set up by 6am Saturday morning. They also sold coffee, hot cocoa, baked goods, and popcorn. Banks and his friends worked hard, but they also passed out plans of salvation to onlookers at the parade. I’m so thankful that he loves Jesus, and that he is involved with such a fantastic youth group! 

So, despite the hectic week and all of the back and forth that it involved as well as surprise emergency room trips, it was really a week of wonderful blessings, and for that, I am thankful. This week has started off just as busy with play practice at church and throwing a birthday party for my sister tonight, but I’m very excited for a weekend of family, football, and relaxing. I hope you all have a wonderful week and find something to be thankful for amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


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