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Jessica Starr Nichols

Eat Some Turkey, Deck the Halls, and Remember…to Move the Elf????


I hope that your Thanksgiving was as lovely as ours. Due to Adam’s promotion, he ended up having to work for a few hours in the morning, but we had a beautiful lunch with my family. My mom asked Adam to bless the food, and the words he expressed to our Heavenly Father were so beautiful, kind, and heartfelt. It brought tears to my eyes. Time spent with my manclan and family that loves us tops my list of things I treasure.   
The day after Thanksgiving is one of the greatest days of the year!!!! I spent all morning decorating the house for Christmas, and when Adam got home from work, we went to pick out our Christmas tree. We always love doing this as a family! We got it decorated, and it is so beautiful! There are few things as wonderful as sitting in a room solely illuminated by the lights of a Christmas tree. 

Every year, friends have given me different items to place in my yard or in my house at Christmastime, but this year, my yard decorations are dedicated to my brave and courageous neighbors, David and Carolyn. Since I was about 10 years old, Mr. David has covered every inch of his house and yard with lights and ornamentation, but due to his fight with cancer, he didn’t decorate this year, and he graciously gave us some of his yard decorations. As we set them up, I was praying for Mr. David and Mrs. Carolyn. They have meant so incredibly much to our family for over 20 years. I’m so thankful that he can enjoy the decorations from across the street. They are truly two people that I love and treasure. 

Saturday morning, we opened the front door to find a visitor trying to zipline into our house from the roof. Her name is Judy, and she’s our elf!  

 Now, it goes without saying that Weston is completely obsessed with her, but Adam and I have had the most fun coming up with exciting things for her to do each day. She has played trains, made coffee, hung out in Weston’s stocking, and eaten Go-Gurt in the refrigerator! She is so silly and wonderful! I’m so thankful Santa sent her to us this year! She even brought Weston a pair of Elf on the Shelf pajamas! Hearing his sweet little laugh every morning when he finds her, simply brings a happiness to our entire day! 

As this month continues, I will surely talk more about Judy’s adventures. I hope and pray you all are enjoying this most wonderful time of the year as much as we are!!!! My advice to those that dread this time of year would be to find Christmas spirit in the small things and allow that to drive you throughout the entire season! Merry Christmas and thanks for reading!


Author: jstarrnichols

I'm a wife, mother, daughter, and friend. I love Jesus, my family, my friends, and my life. I enjoy writing, yoga, laughing, and spending time with my manclan. I’m merely striving to be the best version of myself.

3 thoughts on “Eat Some Turkey, Deck the Halls, and Remember…to Move the Elf????

  1. I have 5 and 3 year old boys. I have so been debating the Elf. It sure does look like fun! Merry Christmas 🙂


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