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Jessica Starr Nichols

Taste for Truth-Appearance and Renewing of the Mind

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Yippee!!!! Week four!!!! We’ve officially made eating healthy and exhibiting self-control a habit now. This group of ladies is absolutely phenomenal. We had a super busy weekend at church, yet we were determined to find time to meet this week. I invited the ladies and their families over to my home, and we all contributed different dishes in order to make a deliciously, healthy spread. As we sat around my kitchen table and shared our victories and our struggles from this week, I became a bit emotional as I sat in awe of the incredible bonding time this has been with these ladies. We added up our total pounds lost in four weeks, and all of us together had lost approximately 25 pounds!  

 This week we talked about appearance and the renewing of our minds. One of the points under appearance was making our appearance an idol. Well, what is an idol? As a Christian, an idol is anything that you make more important than God. Society certainly tells us that how we look is more important that God, and we, as women, buy into this lie. If you wake up more concerned with how many ounces those scales have dropped than beginning your day by giving God the glory for allowing you to have breath in your body, chances are appearance is an idol in your life. I’m certainly guilty of it. One of the challenges of this study has been to only weigh once weekly in order to keep from becoming discouraged by daily weight fluctuations. That also has required immense self-control!  

 The book brought up the ever-dreaded point of the scale not cooperating. It’s so extremely frustrating when you’ve worked hard all week to make healthy choices, prayed for and exhibited self-control, yet the scale only moved 4 ounces. Grrrrrr! I seriously think, “couldn’t it have been at least a pound!” Hahahaha! The point of this topic was to encourage us to trust God for our progress, and every ounce is indeed progress. 

An incredible point that was made this week was, “Is skinny really necessary?”. The answer….being healthy is absolutely necessary, and God did not create a 5’2″ frame to carry around 200+ pounds. Yes, size 4 clothes are far cuter than size 26, but that shouldn’t motivate us as Christian women to be healthy. The fact that the Holy Spirit, which is part of this amazing Trinity that not only created us but also died for us, lives inside of this earthly body, and that should be our motivation to be healthy. Honor Him with what you eat and your appearance. It’s all about Him.

  Now for the hard part….renewing of the mind. The challenge to be skinny has haunted many of us for most of our lives, myself included. For some, it’s a family member constantly nagging them about their weight. For others, it was kids at school calling them names. Whatever the cause of your obsession about your appearance, the Truth can be found in the Word. Because He loves us enough to give us these Truths, we can pray over these verses in our lives and destroy the idol of appearance. Ephesians 2:10 tells us that “we are His handiwork.” How awesome to know that He created every single part of us. John 15:16 reminds us that we were chosen. He consciously made the choice to create me, WOW! Lastly, Psalm 139:14 tells us to give Him praise because we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” So try praying through your insecurities, and pray with Thanksgiving for everytime you exhibit self-control and every single ounce you lose. It’s all a blessing.
As someone that has ALWAYS despised disappointing people, I learned this week that I’m not doing this for them or for their praise or recognition or to make them proud of me. I’m doing this for Him. He intended for me to be healthy. I became unhealthy because of my own choices and my own lack of self-confidence. I know now that NOTHING can separate me from His love, not even being fat. I have absolutely no desire to remain overweight, but I also have absolutely no desire to lose all this weight for anyone other than Him, because our greatest form of worship is our obedience to Him and His Word!


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I'm a wife, mother, daughter, and friend. I love Jesus, my family, my friends, and my life. I enjoy writing, yoga, laughing, and spending time with my manclan. I’m merely striving to be the best version of myself.

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