Dugouts and Diapers

Jessica Starr Nichols

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Update One

After ten days of following the True Cellular Detox diet and exercise plan and taking my supplements as instructed, the results are not merely visible physically, they are also visible emotionally, spiritually, and internally.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am currently in the Prep Phase, which consists of taking one pack of supplements in the morning and one pack in the evening. I am also following the diet plan suggested as well as the breathing exercises, and burst workouts.The diet is not difficult at all. The hardest part was finding organic, grass-fed, full fat dairy products. Thankfully, Working Cows Dairy is one of Houston County, Alabama’s hidden gems. They had everything I needed, and it’s all absolutely delicious!!!! I mentioned in my previous post that the diet plan is similar to a ketogenic diet. Because I enjoy research, I dug in a bit deeper to see what I could learn about this high fat, medium protein, low carb diet. The results of my research were fascinating! Studies show that a ketogenic diet is quite effective in people with epilepsy, which both my oldest son and myself have. I can’t wait to see how we are affected as our bodies continue to be fueled in this way. So let’s get to the updates, because I know that is what people are mainly interested in finding out. SLEEP…the moment my head hits the pillow, I sleep all night long until my alarm sounds at 5am. EMOTIONALLY…I feel in control of my emotions. I feel happy, most of the time, and I have not burst into tears at all. OUTLOOK…I find myself telling my family to, “think positive,” “envision your future /outcome and go for it.” Prior to the Detox, I was a blunt realist. Hahahaha! SPIRITUALLY…We had just finished The 40 Day Prayer Challenge before the Detox began, and I knew that above all else, I would need to be still and let God help me do this. So, I started the prayer challenge over again, and I will continue to repeat it until I feel like it’s time to stop. My faith has grown. My trust in Him is a necessity for the results I’m seeking, and trust and faith grow through time spent with Him in prayer. Lastly, I will update you on my physical results. Let’s talk weight…I’ve lost a total of twelve pounds. Now, most of that weight I had lost in the ten day Detox Dr. Bart Precourt had me do prior to beginning the True Cellular Detox. Now let’s talk inches…I’ve lost a total of ten and a half inches. Four of those inches since beginning the True Cellular Detox. I measure my calf, thigh, hips, waist, subcostal circumference, chest, lower arm, and bicep. The subcostal circumference measures the inflammation, and I’ve lost two inches in that measurement alone, which tells me that my body is healing and the inflammation is subsiding.

These results make me thankful and proud. I’m thankful for results that push me to keep going. I’m thankful for my supportive family. I’m thankful for my future and being healthy again. I’m proud of myself for sticking to this and not wavering from the dietary restrictions or the exercise plan. I feel amazing, and I cannot wait to fill you all in with my future results.



True Cellular Detox

Exercise, eating clean, counting calories, counting steps, and watching the number on the scale go up! Grrrrrr!!!!!! This has been my life for the past 5 years. I would lose 5-10 pounds but never anything more. I never had this problem until after I was on 8 weeks of bedrest during my second pregnancy. During this time, I gained 80 pounds, and after he was born, I was exhausted and was never able to achieve any real weight loss results. I've tried and given it my all for nearly 5 years. I went to my physician, and they would tell me I was an excellent candidate for weight loss surgery or would offer diet pills, which when you have epilepsy, do more harm than good. I didn't want a quick fix. I was willing to do the work. I just wanted to know why! Why, despite all my efforts, can I not lose weight, and why do I feel exhausted, ill, and just plain sick?

Fast forward to July 28, and I emotionally met with Dr. Bart Precourt and the staff at Balance 30A in Seagrove Beach, FL. Dr. Bart has helped my parents find an all-natural way to maintain their health as they grow older, and my mom suggested that he could help me too. It was emotional, because I had struggled for so long. After extensive testing, we discovered that my hormones were so far out of whack, which happened during the bed rest nearly five years ago, that my body was filled with inflammation. Dr. Bart explained that when the cells needed certain vitamins and minerals, despite my choice to eat healthy, the cells couldn't absorb the nutrients they needed because of the inflammation, and my body didn't know what to do with what I ate, except store it as fat.

Please understand that I, in no way, am saying that my weight gain was completely hormonal. I did make some poor choices, because I was so overwhelmed, frustrated, and exhausted with no results, despite my best efforts as well as dealing with the stresses and challenges life has presented us. Some of this was my fault. Everything is a choice!

Dr. Bart and his staff are so kind and compassionate. From the moment you walk in the door, you feel like these people genuinely want to help you. That was such a comfort as well as an answer to prayer. After my appointment, I told my mom that for the first time, I felt like there was actual hope for me to be healthy again. I cannot put into words what a comfort that is.

Two weeks prior to my appointment, I had made the decision to begin a morning exercise routine and revisit our previous clean eating habits. So, I was already headed in the right direction to prepare my body for the treatment. How do you treat this? Well, you rid your body and brain of all the toxins that have caused this inflammation and are keeping my body from functioning properly. For me, it's going to be at least a 100 day process.

For the first ten days, I continued waking up every morning at 5am to exercise and ate no gluten, no sugar, no red meat, no dairy, and drinking only water, which is all my family has drank for the last two years. So, that part wasn't difficult. I was also taking Standard Process supplements, which Dr. Bart sells at Balance, three times each day. Literally three days into this, I felt like a new person. I've told many people, "You never know just how sick you actually were until you begin to feel better."

The next 90 days will be divided into three phases: Prep Phase, Body Phase, and Brain Phase. These three phases make up the True Cellular Detox. You begin by completing an online training course, to familiarize yourself with the program as well as to explain what's going on in your body, and how each phase is going to affect your body. I began Prep Phase today. My morning was greeted with some of the suggested yoga poses, breathing exercises, and a burst workout, which is recommended in the training videos. I haven't been hungry or miserable at all, due to the filling Ketogenic type diet. I've felt satisfied, hopeful, optimistic, and excited.

Each phase will last 30 days, and I will consult with Dr. Bart at the end of each phase, where we will recheck my toxicity levels and progress through various testing and measurements. He and his staff have made themselves available at anytime to me, which again shows their dedication to helping people be healthy as well as their care and compassion.

I'm so thankful for not only Dr. Bart and the Balance 30A team but also for my incredible parents that are always willing to share their knowledge and wisdom as well as offer support in any way they can. If my mom had not told me about Dr. Bart and had I not seen the results she and my dad have achieved, I never would have gone. I am also so extremely grateful for a wonderful husband that is so supportive and has finally seen and understood just how sick I was for the last five years. I'm thankful for children that are not picky and eat anything that is cooked, because cooking two separate meals wasn't an option. Hahaha. I'm thankful for the perseverance and will that God has instilled within me to give my everything to this process. I've always been determined, strong, and a hard worker. I'm thankful He made me the way He did.

I will continue to update my blog periodically throughout each phase and post results as I see them. If anyone reading this has ever felt hopeless when it comes to your health, I encourage you to contact Dr. Bart and his staff at Balance 30A, because they can help you and want to help you.